Practice Areas

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Labor And Employment

Our firm’s labor and employment attorneys represent both large and small employers in aggressively litigating labor and employment disputes. On a carefully selected basis, we represent executive and highly compensated officers and employees. We litigate a wide variety of employment disputes, including but not limited to (i) fiduciary duty, trade secret and noncompete/non-solicitation, (ii) bonus, commission and other compensation disputes, (iii) sexual harassment and the full range of employment discrimination, (iv) all other forms of wrongful termination, and (v) all other statutory rights including the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

In addition to litigation, our employment attorneys serve as outside counsel on a range of employment matters. Our clients regularly consult with and involve us concerning their day-today employment issues, including negotiating and drafting employment agreements, non-compete covenants and separation agreements, preparing employment handbooks, advising on routine and unusual employment matters, representing employers before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other administrative tribunals, and consulting on hiring and termination decisions.